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Picking the right needle is paramount to your sewing. Embroidery sewing machines take specific needle types, and it is therefore important that the System Number matches your current packet. Size (NM) is dependent on the thread that you use. The bigger the thread, the bigger sized needles you need.

We are well equipped to meet all your requirements regardless of the order size. We have a well-managed and sourced inventory from trusted sources around the world. We only provide high-quality products for your embroidery sewing machines. Whether you have a need for the general fabric or any specific fabric, we have all types of needles available in our stock.

Types of Needlesavailable at Sewingbazar

  • Needle Groz Beckert Nm 75/11 China
  • Needle Groz Beckert Nm 10/18 For Ari Machiine
  • Needle Groz Beckert 90/14 China

How to choose the right needle?

Needles have been designed to specifically fit one kind of machine. They optimize the shape for the specific function that your sewing machine is doing. Let's have a look at the information which you need to obtain.

1- Find your machine model number.

  • Consult the needle reference book
  • Find the corresponding System Number for your machine
  • Look for the correct system number on the needle packets

2- Determine the size that you require

  • Determine what thread you are using, and note the size (such as Ticket or Tex)
  • Consult a thread size to needle size reference and determine the needle size you require.
  • Look for the correct size on the packet of the correct system number
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